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Find Beauty

Find Beauty In All Seasons

Storms are hard to walk through, but rain is healthy and essential for growth. Discover purpose in whatever storm you are weathering.

Cherry Blossom Tree

Chelsea is a phenomenal therapist. Her ability to listen and make me feel heard and understood is unmatched.
She always provides a safe place where I can truly feel comfortable.
She is well-trained, knowledgeable and extremely kind. I couldn't be happier with my experience. 
I always feel much better and more clear after speaking with her. I would never want to go anywhere else.

Chelsea never makes me feel like she is following a menu where everyone is getting the same treatment.
She truly listens to what I am going through and always provides the insight I need to help me through even the most difficult situations.

If you are looking to speak to someone who genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing, look no further.
I would highly recommend Chelsea. Her heart and observations are incomparable.
My time with her is always healing to mind, body and soul. I am incredibly grateful for my time with her.

- Lindsay (Castle Rock, CO)

Discover Resilience and Perseverance

Sometimes we aren't sure what we are capable of, until we find ourself in place we've never been. Dealing with new circumstances and feelings doesn't promise failure, but perseverance and resilience.  

A Lonely Tree on the Hill

Empower Hope and Love

To learn to love yourself in any season, is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Grace awaits.

What people say...

"Talking about or even ruminating on my own feelings isn't a personal strength or preference of mine. Chelsea's calm but affirming energy creates a space where you just naturally find yourself sharing and opening up both to yourself and to her. She asks the kinds of questions that simultaneously validate your experiences while still helping you seek further understanding. She has helped me to have patience in exploring alternative explanations, courage in advocating for myself, and peace in accepting things I cannot change. She joyfully balances care and realness and models what it looks like to embrace your own uniqueness."

- Dana L.

"Chelsea was such a steady, positive influence during my teenage years. I really needed a consistent influence in my life during those years and Chelsea was always there to encourage me or talk me through a difficult situation. I’m so thankful for her! I would highly recommend her to anyone who is wanting to find someone down-to-earth to walk through some of the harder seasons in life."

- Brooke

"Chelsea has helped me in so many ways over the past few years. From guiding me through grief, to supporting me as I began my parenting journey, to helping me work through anxiety, she has been an invaluable voice of wisdom and encouragement. Chelsea is an amazing listener and I always know she truly cares about me and my family. I am better for having her guidance in my life!"

- Stephanie T.

"It's so hard to spend the time and money trying to figure out what kind of counselor fits with you and your needs. I am confident that Chelsea is a winning lottery ticket for your needs. The truth is there are lots of trained professionals in areas of counseling and therapy. But, from my experience there are very few that actually have the ability to actually dig deep, not judge, ask good questions and give you things to work on. Chelsea is smart no doubt, but she can pin point things and get to the roots of problems that many people can't. 10/10 for sure!"

- Tiffany M.

"Chelsea was the set of ears I needed. A few months back, I was going through marital and paternal stressors as most people do. I was in turn turning my negative mindset back on myself in a twisted form of “taking accountability”. This has been a fault of mine since getting out of a very bad and extremely abusive relationship. Chelsea took the time out of her day to accommodate me on a very short notice request for a session. I have always been very skeptical about going to a therapist as I was afraid of “judgment” and not sure it would work. This was completely not the case while I spent close to an hour and a half with Chelsea, spilling my emotions out. She did nothing but listen and answer questions and concerns I had, and in one session was able to give me a stable mindset about where I was in life, why I had the negative self talk and inner voice that I did, and give me the peace of mind and courage to address certain things with my wife that were essentially the root causes of a lot of turmoil in our marriage. Thanks to her, my marriage is on a whole new level, and my husbanding and parenting skills are also much better and more constructive. For whatever you are battling in your personal life, I highly recommend Chelsea!!"

- Anonymous

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Chelsea Lauchner, LCSW


121 S. Wilcox St

Suite A-1

Castle Rock, CO 80109


(303) 547-3109

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